Debra Warren

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When I was a young child I would view the world through a “viewfinder” made of my fingers. It was my way of seeing what I wanted to see and blocking out what I didn’t. I could see beauty amidst ugliness, calm within turmoil. This was long before I held my first camera.

I use photography to connect with the world around me and to capture those moments in my life when I am most alive, selecting what works for the emotion and reality of that single moment. 

For me, photography is meditation. It stretches my analytical mind and challenges my creative soul. It excites me and calms me.. Creating and capturing beauty, whether in the mundane or the majestic is what keeps me shooting. 

I am a mostly self-taught photographer who has benefitted from the guidance of some wonderful teachers and mentors. I’ve recently become very interested in Alternative Photographic processes as a way to enhance my images through handmade prints using Gum Bichromate, Platinum and Palladium, Cyanotype and a combination of these methods.